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Welcome to the TCG Ambassador Support Center.

Questions? Please email Kevin at

Ambassador Commission Summary 2018 Q1 & Q2 (January, February, March, April, May, June) NOTE: Going forward, commissions will be calculated every 6 months (Jan-June & July-December)

Ambassador Commission Summary 2017 Q4 (October, November, December)

Ambassador Commission Summary 2017 Q3 (July, August, September)

Ambassador Commission Summary 2017 Q2 (April, May, June)

Ambassador Commission Summary 2017  Q1 (January, February, March)

Meet Trevor Lastoka, CPA (recommended accountant for TCG Ambassadors) at
>>Call Trevor at 1-800-657-0135 for a complimentary consultation
>>Trevor’s Services summary
>>“Time for a Tax Advisor” handout
>>Letter from Trevor Lastoka CPA: CLICK HERE for an overview & Trevor’s contact info

Going to an TCG/PCC Promotional Event?

Step 1: CLICK HERE to download the LEAD GENERATION form (print multiple copies – it’s one form per person and bring with you. Many events capture 20+ lead forms).

Step 2: Type the leads into THIS EXCEL (click here to download) spreadsheet (send within 24 hours of your event)

Step 3: Email spreadsheet to Kevin at Kevin will send the follow up with links to rewards and PCC (and include your name/ promo code for tracking.

Promotional Supplies:

> Acrylic Sign Holder with Biz card holder (Amazon) – CLICK HERE

3 displays available (small drawing box = $20, acrylic display = $10, large drawing box = $35). Contact Kevin at if you’d like me to create one for you. You can order the acrylic display at the link above and print out your own customized poster.

TCG Perks Program – How to Help Local Businesses, Meet the Manager and Justify Your Write-Off

When you visit a business (works especially well at restaurants to justify you writing off food), ask the staff “May I give the Manager a compliment on your business?” This is a polite way to ask to speak to the manager. When the manager comes say “Hi, my name is XXXX and I’m a happy customer. Just wanted to say thanks for a great experience. I’ll post a 5 star google review for you (and compliment the staff if deserved). I wanted to introduce myself because I’m with – a local golf company that does golf events but we also help promote local businesses for free to our 40,000 members. Here is my card, I help with the local events and marketing. Would you like me to email you a link to send you some more info? Again, it’s totally free and our way of helping support local businesses.

Once you get their card, take a pic with your phone and EMAIL it to with a brief history of your interaction. I’ll take it from there.

Here are some examples of how to share on social media.

Facebook: (when you post, let it link to as that pops up the logo – then post your biz card as a comment)

Play more golf this year! As an Ambassador with TwinCitiesGolf and can help you save 10% off everything at (weekly fun events, USGA handicap card, golf trips, even golf clinics and lessons) with my XXXX promo code. Or join me in the Public Country Club where you can play unlimited golf @ 50+ courses for only $55/month. View details at & use my promo code to get priority invitation on the Waiting List. Questions? Message me. FORE!

Anybody interested in unlimited golf @ 50+ courses for only $55/month? Go to for details & use promo code XXXX to receive a priority invitation. Tee it up with me this summer!

Tee it up on Tuesday in the 2-Person Scramble at Inside Edge Golf simulator. 6-9PM. View details & signup at & use promo code XXXXX to save 10% off the entry fee.

Twitter: (upload your biz card to post)
Want unlimited golf @ 50+ courses for $55/month? Go to for details & use promo code XXXXX to get priority invitation on the WaitList

Once people express interest, message or email them this:
Thanks for your interest in the Public Country Club! Because of the huge demand (it is $55/month for unlimited golf @ 50+ courses!), it’s currently a referral network to get in so here is the next step. View courses & details at Click on JOIN and fill in the Waiting List form but use my Invitation Code XXXX and you’ll receive priority invitation on the Waiting List. Thanks and I look forward to golfing with you!

Training Videos:

TCG Ambassador Overview 2017 January (2 hours)

TCG Ambassador Webinar #1 – 7 Steps to Goal Achievement (20 min)

TCG Ambassador Webinar #2 Time Management (20 min)

Here’s what happens when you share your promo code and they use it to save 10% off:

Here’s a graphic you can use when posting on social media.


Ambassador Business Cards:
To save your biz card as a graphic to post on social media, click on the pic TWICE (until it enlarges) then right click and save. To order additional cards, recommend using

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