Demo & Win a Set of Wilson C200 Irons (and View Results of Demos)

Someone is going to win a new set of awesome new Wilson C200 irons this week. Let’s make it a TCG member (YOU!).

WOW. 32 golfers attended our TCG demo night at Golfsmith on March 17 and more than 100 of you stopped into a local Golfsmith to demo the new Wilson C200 to see what all the buzz is about.  See below for the results. HINT: 71% of golfers at our demo day liked the Wilson C200’s over their current iron.

Here’s what to do:

1. Before this Sunday (March 20), stop into a GolfSmith store (Edina, Roseville or Minnetonka) and ask to demo the new Wilson C200 irons.

2. Take a selfie picture of you holding the Wilson C200 iron.

3. Post the picture on MyGolfSpy blog thread by CLICKING HERE (once there, click on the black Reply to This Topic button at the top of that blog post. If you click on that button, you can see the Attach pic option. The reply to box at the bottom of each page does not allow you to post a pic). Pics must be posted by end of day Sunday March 20 to be entered into the drawing.

BONUS: Please also post your Wilson pic on the TCG facebook page at  as we’re going to do an additional prize drawing for those who post their pic online.

Good luck everyone!


Thanks to everyone who did a Wilson C200 demo this week! The response and feedback was AMAZING!

C200 collage


group pic

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