How to Fix a Hacked WordPress Website infected with Malware

How to Fix a Hacked WordPress Website – or to check to see if your website has been infected with Malware.

WordPress sites are vulnerable to hackers. If google searches are producing unusual wording where your website meta-description normally is, chances are your website has been hacked and infected with malware.

Here’s what to do if your WordPress website gets hacked or has malware.

How to fix a wordpress website that has been hacked

How to fix a wordpress website that has been hacked

Step 1 – CLICK HERE and scan your website to see if it’s infected.

Step 2 – If not infected, be sure to install protective Plug-ins. We recommend the Sucuri Security plug-in (it’s free).

Step 3 – If infected and you do not know how to search code and remove the malware, we recommend having Sucuri do it for you. It’s $89 but money well spent. Simply provide them with FTP access and they can have it fixed in 24-48 hours. For more details or to request a malware removal, CLICK HERE

After your site is cleaned,

1. Change your FTP (or SSH) password.

2. Change your administrator password. If you are using WordPress, Joomla, osCommerce or any CMS, change your administrator password.

3. Also check in your admin panel if there are additional admin users and change their passwords as well. Now it is a good time to clean up accounts, so remove any admin access that is not necessary.

4. Run a virus scan on your personal desktop/laptop.

5. Update your site! One of the leading causes of reinfections is outdated software. If you are not updated to the most current WordPress version, do so ASAP!

6. Start doing backups of your site regularly!

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