Masters Pool Contest

2017 TCG Masters Pool

How does it work?

– Pick 5 golfers competing in the Masters tournament.

– Each golfers tournament prize money is added to your team total.

– Prizes: 

  • 1st – 25% of the prize pool
  • 2nd – 15% of the prize pool
  • 3rd – 15% of the prize pool
  • 4th – 15% of the prize pool
  • 5th – 10% of the prize pool
  • 15th – 10% of the prize pool
  • 25th – 10% of the prize pool

Up to $1,000 prize pool.

*Each $10 TCG gift certificate purchased gets a free team entry (e.g. $10 = 1 team, $30 = 3 teams, etc). Max of 5 teams per person.

For winners, prize money deposited into your TCG store account which can be redeemed for anything on the TCG store including entry fees, VISA gift cards, 2nd Swing gift cards, Ken Gorg Golf Shop gift cards, GHIN handicap, TCG trips.

To enter:

Step 1: CLICK HERE to purchase a $10 TCG gift certificate (Each $10 gift certificate = 1 team entry. Change quantity to increase entrees…eg. 3 quantity = $30 = 3 entrees).

Step 2: Reply back to the confirmation email you receive (paid invoice) with your Golfer picks.

**All entrees must be received by 9:00AM on Thursday, April 6th.

After the tournament is over, winners will be announced and the amount in gift certificates you purchased + prize monies will be deposited into your TCG store account for future use towards events, gift cards, etc.

Questions? Email Jeff Wisdom, TCG Director of Fun, at (he’s managing the contest)

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