Be a Course Reviewer & Product Tester

Q1. What is the Review Squad?
A1. We are a group of avid local golfers that love to play different courses, try new businesses (eg. restaurants, service-industries, etc.) and write online reviews for the purpose of helping businesses improve their online reputation (or giving the owner feedback if it’s less than a positive experience).

Q2. Is there a fee to be a TCG Review Squad Member?
A2. No but members must be savy getting around on the internet, have good writing skills, and be willing to spend a little time (approx. 15 minutes per business review) posting reviews after their business experience.

Q3. What are perks of being a TCG Review Squad Member?
A3. Free stuff! You get to play free golf and try local businesses for free in exchange for sharing your experience online and with the business owner.  If you have a good experience, your feedback helps to improve a businesses online reputation. If you have a bad experience, then your feedback will help the owner improve their business.

Q4. What are the requirements to be a TCG Review Squad Member?
A4. As we do much of our work and communication via texting and mobile Apps, members must have a smartphone with text messaging service. Members must provide feedback within 5 days of the review.

Q5. How do I become a TCG Review Squad Member?
A5. Please fill out the below form and then watch your email inbox for invitations!

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